Participation at the Rijeka Wine Vip Event

They say that wine is made in the vineyard, but some additional education is never a bad thing. As one of the participants of the event, Vina Deklić were given the opportunity to gain additional knowledge, but also to connect with other participants from similar trades.

Participation at the Rijeka Wine Vip Event

Wine Vip Event Rijeka, a conference of top wine experts, was held on 2 April at the Bonavia hotel and hosted a large number of lovers of wine and food, as well as relevant experts.

This was not a fair, or a wine festival, but a dedicated educational event for the tourism and hospitality industry that provided a singular location where one could attend lectures by renowned speakers and receive education, but also taste wines and other products from partners of the event. The focus was on collaboration and on forming connections to provide a better offer through mutual cooperation.

The Wine Vip Event focuses on food and wine (enogastronomy), one of the key tourism products on which the development of Croatian tourism is based, but also the overall country brand.

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