Vina Deklić in Zadar

Vina Deklić were also given an opportunity to present their wine offer to the audience in Zadar. On 6 and 7 April, we participated at the third Zadar Wine Festival.

Vina Deklić in Zadar

The festival is being held at the Zadar Arsenal, the 500 years old cultural monument, whose appearance draws people from all parts of the world.

The need to start this type of festival was evident in the fact that Zadar and the Zadar County are currently one of the fastest growing wine regions in Croatia, with a concurrent increase of the number of winemakers, international achievements and investments in vinification.

By participating in the festival, we acquired new knowledge and gained new acquaintances, but we also shared our experiences gained from years of winemaking with those who took part in the festival.

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