7 awards for Vina Deklić at the 26th Vinistra

At Vinistra, which was held recently from 10 to 12 May at the Žatika hall in Poreč, Vina Deklić won a total of 7 awards.

7 awards for Vina Deklić at the 26th Vinistra

Five of our wine types were awarded gold medals: Malvazija, Chardonnay, Yellow Muscat and a young 2018 Teran and an aged 2016 Teran. Rose and Cabernet Sauvignon wines received the silver medal.

Vinistra is the regional and international exhibition of wine and winemaking equipment that is traditionally held in Poreč. The exhibition generates more interest with each new year, both for its competition and its exhibiting potential.

The goal of Vinistra is to increase the quality of Istrian wines, to promote wine culture, to provide recognition for wines in Istria as well as on larger scale, and also to present winemakers, producers of spirits and of olive oil.

Aside from wine, olive oil and spirits are also graded at Vinistra. During the three days the exhibition takes place, some ten thousand wine afficionados have a chance to taste and explore the wine world of Istria.

Vinistra has been traditionally held for 26 years.

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