New Deklić familia wine

In order to adequately commemorate the centennial tradition of making wine, but also to connect with people who became a part of our family, we present the new series of wines – Deklić Familia.

New Deklić familia wine

The longevity of our successful existence is built on strong family ties. Since the number of users of the product is constantly increasing, the family is expanding on a yearly basis and is thus growing in number. Nevertheless, we would not want the expansion of the family to cause us to lose the warm and personalised approach to each member.

For that reason, we created Deklić Familia, a series of wines that are made in the oldest and most valuable vineyard of the Deklić family – Tuntarovac. This red wine that is a blend of Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot will imbue each droplet with a sense of togetherness and the flavour of nature enriched with the scent of tradition, and it is meant for everybody who will become a part of the vineyard.

A Familia member can be anyone – those who appreciate fine wines without being pretentious, those who respect nature and give love back, but also those who want to become part of the heritage. You can become a Familia member here.

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