Deklić Familia Project

Deklić Familia

Adopt a grapevine and become part of the family


To work, but also to live in a vineyard – is a defining trait of our family, but also a description of our wine.

Aside from our love of the grapevine, the longevity of our winery, which is about a century old, can mostly be attributed to strong family ties. They do not only bring together the members of our immediate and extended family, who work diligently in our vineyards, but also bring all of you closer, you who have recognised the work, love and quality in our wine and thus became a part of the Deklić family.

Together we have an important mission – to carry on the tradition of cultivating grapevine to posterity.

Become a proud adopter of a vine that will carry your mark in our vineyard. By adopting a vine, and taking care of its productivity, you put your own mark on viticulture as an activity that goes back 2500 years.

As member of the Familia, you will be able to inspect the condition of your vine at any moment. Aside from personally coming to the vineyard, we also made it easy on you by placing a webcam in the vineyard that will monitor the condition of the vineyard in real time. That way you will be able to always keep track of the growth and development of your vine from any location.

The first step to becoming a member of the Familia is to complete an admission form online or personally at the Deklić winery. In order to become a proud vine adopter, but also to taste the fruit of your own vine from the oldest vineyard of the Deklić Familia, we recommend registering for the wine. What is special about it is that at the moment you register, your wine is still only your vine at the Tuntarovac vineyard, the most valuable vineyard cherished by the Deklić family.

After the fruit matures, and is harvested and bottled, the wine from the vine you selected, watched over and cherished, will reach your home address in the shortest amount of time possible.

Become a member of the Familia!

As a member of the Familia, enjoy the unique experience of producing and tasting fine wine made from your vine. Keep tabs on the state of the vineyard, news about the family and your membership with our yearly newsletter.

Become part of the community as enduring as the grapevine, become a member of the Deklić Familia!

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