Deklić Familia

Adopt a vine and become part of the family!

Join us and bring the tradition of cultivating grapevine to posterity. Become a proud adopter of a vine that will carry your mark in our vineyard. Enjoy wine created from your own vine.

Experience the longevity of viticulture.

Personal details

Note: 1 certificate per family

Wine adoption details

Wine purchase

In order to enjoy the fruits of your vine, we recommend registering for your wine. Upon applying, your wine is still only a vine you adopted. After the year-round maturing of the fruit and September harvesting, the care and nurturing provided to your vine will bear fruit. You will soon enjoy the valuable fruits of your vine. After bottling, the wine from the vine you nurtured will arrive to your home address.

Payment amount: 3.450,00 kn
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