Mechanical Services

The implementation of the project aims to diversify the activities that the agricultural economy currently performs with the aim of reducing the economy’s dependence on only one sector. The goal of the project is to provide a new service on the market and satisfy existing customer needs. As part of the project, a mini excavator and a trailer for transporting mini excavators are being purchased.

Mechanical Services

The services that the agricultural holding wants to offer after diversifying its activities are:

  • Clearing of existing agricultural crops (removal of existing crops and supporting structures)
  • Soil preparation for planting (vineyards, olive groves, but also other agricultural crops)
  • Includes induction of new land
  • Removal of excess soil
  • Digging holes for planting
  • Ground leveling
  • Removal of surface and deep stones
  • Staking out plots
  • Marking the direction of rows, planting spacing and planting locations

Arrangement of main and secondary roads for access to the cultivated crops

Mechanical Services

Due to numerous inquiries from winegrowers and olive growers, the idea of OPG Deklić to purchase a machine to provide the above services was born. In this area, there is no provider that exclusively deals with grubbing and planting new olive and grape vine seedlings.

OPG Deklić plans to provide its services in the entire area of Istria, especially in the narrower and wider area to which it gravitates:

Municipality of VižinadaMotovun

In these areas, viticulture and olive growing are developed, and there is a need for clearing services of existing agricultural crops and soil preparation (excavation) for planting new olive seedlings and vines.

Mechanical Services
Mechanical Services
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