Project title: VINA DEKLIĆ www voucher

Short description of the project: The main project activity is the development of a new business website for the David Deklić family farm (OPG) that will replace the existing website and contain all the necessary important elements that a website must contain in order to be in line with contemporary business standards. During the past few years, the David Deklić family farm’s business was elevated to a new level and a new step was taken in all the stages of the production process and a premium wine quality was achieved. Promotional activities and communication with clients, existing and potential, carried out through the website owned by the family farm is not up to the required standard and the achieved level of business activities. There is a need to implement contemporary network systems for managing customer relationships, as well as network promotion channels, to develop loyalty programmes with wine consumers and, ultimately, to present the offer at the market in a better and more focused manner, all of which will be achieved by the newly developed website.

Objectives and expected project results: By implementing this project, the applicant will modernise their business activities in the product promotion and customer relations stages, they will gain new customers and retain existing customers, which they will turn into permanent customers through their loyalty programmes. Furthermore, the quality level of the information provided on products from the family farm shall be raised and all potential customers will be able to use a simple search engine due to network solutions that are the scope of the project. The goal is for the customers to be interactive and to constantly upload new information related to the products that the user produces. The benefit of said website is the premium visual design and attractiveness of the site, which is also user-friendly for all visitors. The completion of the project will lead to a more successful and safer long-term placement of wines from the Deklić winery by relying on new technologies and by switching to contemporary product presentation methods that will bring about greater market recognisability of the subject. The market position and competitiveness of the applicant shall be strengthened by making their offer significantly more visible and better presented at the market.

Total project value: HRK 160,000.00

EU co-funded amount: HRK 89,600.00

Project implementation term: 17 Oct 2018 – 17 Oct 2019

Contact persons for additional information – David Deklić, +385 91 446 1511

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