Membership terms and conditions


FAMILIA is the loyalty program of OPG Deklić from Ferenci, Ferenci 47, Vižinada 52447, HR, OIB: 01783675504, which awards its members.

Any adult who fills in the prescribed FAMILIA application form, whose membership is then approved by OPG Dekli
by sending an approval email, and after having paid OPG Deklić the full membership fee, may become a member of FAMILIA.

Members are required to update their contact information themselves and report any changes via email to

Members can cancel their membership without prior notice by sending an email to: OPG Deklić reserves the right to change the Membership Terms and Conditions, as well as the right to terminate the FAMILIA project at any time and without notice, in which case they are obliged to refund the paid membership fee.

I. General membership terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of membership of the FAMILIA Loyalty Program are intended to inform the Program Members in a clear and comprehensible way about the facts relevant for joining the Program and about rights and obligations within this Program.

The term member refers to an adult person who, in his/her capacity and for personal needs, enrolls in the FAMILIA loyalty program through the website or personally at the OPG Deklić site.

The membership terms and conditions are part of the contract stipulated remotely. Upon submission of the application for membership in the FAMILIA loyalty program, the applicant will be asked to accept/declare that s/he is aware of and agrees to them.

OPG Deklić reserves the right to change the Terms at any time, provided that these changes become effective upon their publication on this website.

After OPG Deklić has approved the membership application in the FAMILIA loyalty program, and after the applicant has paid the full membership fee and OPG Deklić has received this amount, the contract is considered to be concluded. OPG Deklić will immediately notify the member by email that the contract is considered to be stipulated.

The number of members of the FAMILIA loyalty program is limited to a maximum of 150 members, and members are admitted to the membership according to the priority of receipt and approval of membership applications, and payment of the full membership fee. Membership applications are due by the end of September 2023 or until the maximum number of members has been reached.

The bottle label design created within the FAMILIA loyalty program will include the names of the program members. By completing the program access request, the member gives his/her irrevocable consent to the use of his/her surname, which will be displayed on the bottle label. Each member agrees that OPG Deklić can also use this wine bottles design, from upcoming or later harvests, which can then be placed without restriction on the market.

A properly concluded contract requires that the applicant is a person with full legal capacity and that s/he is an adult. The sale of alcohol is prohibited to persons under 18 years of age. The requester is responsible for the completeness and truthfulness of the information entered during registration. OPG Deklić is not responsible for any violation of this provision, since it was pointed out before entering the website that for accessing the site and application for membership in the FAMILIA loyalty program adult age is required and that alcohol is prohibited for persons younger than 18 years of age.

II. Main product features

Photos of wine (“products”) are of illustrative nature and do not necessarily correspond in all details to the products that are submitted to a FAMILIA member. The seller particularly emphasizes that the visual identity of the product shown in the picture does not have to match the product’s appearance in reality, especially given the special design of bottle labels intended for loyalty program members, computer monitor settings, differences in personal perception of colors as seen by the members, etc. In the case above the aforementioned discrepancy between the product shown in the picture and the product supplied will not be considered as a product defect.

III. Membership fees

FAMILIA loyalty program membership fee amounts 3,450.00 HRK (VAT included), for which a loyalty program member receives 12 bottles of FAMILIA wine (2 cartons), of vintage 2020, delivered after bottling which is scheduled for October 2023. OPG Deklić is entitled without prior announcements to modify the loyalty program membership fee. The amounts on the website are expressed in Croatian kuna.

The number of FAMILIA loyalty program members is limited to a maximum of 150 members.

Membership in the FAMILIA loyalty program runs from 15.03.2020, or from the date the membership has been acquired, until the date of delivery of 2 wine cartons, which will follow within 6 months after the wine bottling, scheduled for October 2023.

IV. Benefits of joining FAMILIA loyalty program

A FAMILIA loyalty program member is entitled to the following benefits;

  • receipt of login and password to access the FAMILIA loyalty program pages at;
  • Adoption of a vine with the designation of the FAMILIA loyalty program on the vineyard of OPG Deklić for confirmation of what the member receives: a FAMILIA loyalty program certificate;
  • monitoring of the development of the adopted vine through the webcam on the web site;
  • newsletter on the status of vineyards / cellars and news on OPG Deklić, which will be issued in 12 issues between 15.03.2020. and the end of September 2023;
  • loyalty program members get 2 wine cartons (1 carton contains 6 personalized bottles of OPG Deklic wine)

The membership in the loyalty program can be achieved only once.

The delivery of one consignment consisting of 2 cartons of wine to the member’s address in the territory of the Republic of Croatia is free of charge, and in the area outside the Republic of Croatia it is charged according to the actual shipping costs, which the member is obliged to pay upon reception of the consignment.

OPG Deklić reserves the right to introduce additional benefits as part of the loyalty program at its sole discretion, provided that these additional benefits apply to new and existing members, and that they become effective upon publication on these websites.

V. Payment terms and conditions, delivery terms, delivery time

The member is entitled to receive 2 wine cartons (1 wine carton contains 6 personalized bottles of OPG Deklić wine) with a one-time payment of membership fee in the total amount of HRK 3,450.00.

When delivering wine, the member must show a proof of age when picking up the goods. Delivery will not be made in case of a suspected minor, unless the latter provides proof of major age at delivery.
The wines are delivered to the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia. The delivery is performed by members of OPG Deklić, or by persons authorized by them in advance in agreement with a member of the FAMILIA loyalty program.

The delivery of the wine will follow within 6 months starting from October 2023.

The delivery is considered to have been made at the time of handing over the wine to the loyalty program member or to another person designated by the member in advance, after noticing the OPG Deklić thereof.

If the delivery failed, the member will be notified by email and offered the following options:

  • that the ordered product is, at request of the member via email, re-sent back to his/her address. If the delivery has not been made neither in a second attempt, the member can pick up the delivery from OPG Deklić from the next day after the unsuccessful attempt of delivery with the previous telephone agreement on the pickup date
  • to pick up the product at OPG Deklić site with the previous telephone agreement on the pickup date

When OPG Deklić delivers the wine to the member, the member is obliged to pick up the wine by signing it on the invoice, confirming that the product has been properly delivered.

VI. Liability for material defects/complaints

OPG Deklić is responsible for material defects of things in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia, in particular the Law on Obligations.

The products ordered are packed in such a way that they are not damaged by the usual handling/shipping manipulation.

Upon receipt of the wine, the validation of the order has to be done by the member, and the latter is obliged to immediately send a written complaint to OPG Deklić, as subsequent complaints will not be accepted.

If the wine has a hidden defect, which the member determines upon opening the product – s/he has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and get the refund of the membership fee, replacement of the product or elimination of the defect.

OPG Deklić will consider the claim valid if the product inspection determines that it meets the conditions of the claim in accordance with the Law on Obligations and the Law on Consumer Protection. In that case, OPG Diklić will replace the product within 15 days from a valid complaint receipt. If, however, it is determined that the complaint is not valid, i.e. if the complaint is rejected, the member will be notified within 15 days from the day of complaint reception.

OPG Deklić will accept the return of damaged, defective or incorrectly delivered goods at their own expense, if it is determined that the complaint is justified and that the member did not affect the correctness, damage or any defect of the goods.

In case of justified complaint, the cost of replacement with a new product is fully borne by OPG Deklić.

VII. Online payment security statement

When making a payment on our website, use MONRI WEBPAY – an advanced system for secure payment card acceptance online. MONRI WEBPAY is licensed under the highest category PCI DSS security standards. MONRI WEBPAY ensures the complete secrecy of your card details from the moment you enter them in the MONRI WEBPAY payment form. MONRI WEBPAY is solely responsible for the security of authorization and private information.

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